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Buying and selling of Marijuana strains like Tuna Kush depends on the laws and regulations set by a particular country. However all countries around the globe have not legalized marijuana. But the United States and Canada have legalized Marijuana and allows the circulation of this drug in the economy. In Canada it is legal to buy, sell and smoke weed. While some, countries have continues to wage their war against drugs countries like United States have legalized Marijuana Not for medical use but also for personal use and recreational enjoyment. Natural herbs have slowly been abandoned after Marijuana was legalized in the United States.

However there are surrounding laws for cannabis and this means even if one state has decided to legalize the drug traveling with the drug in countries where cannabis is prohibited is punishable by law. This is very confusing for business people who are dealers of cannabis and cannabis products. In the United States twenty-nine States have legalized cannabis.When cannabis is used for recreational purposes nine states along with Colombia have allowed people to smoke Marijuana in peace. In countries where it is legal to buy marijuana online is highly encouraged because it is the only way the government can assure buyers safety and privacy.

Marijuana is considered as the schedule one drug by the federal government because it has a high potential of being abused. Legalizing marijuana in a country has several benefits like creation of revenue for the government through payment of taxes by the business people. Also people are also able to earn income from such business. Trade is also enormous in the economy especially if two countries have the same opinion and stand in the same position. However, Marijuana is very dangerous to the health of human beings because people are exposed to chronic diseases like cancers; heart attacks just to mention a few. In countries where buying marijuana is legal there are few cases of drug trafficking or fraud. Business is able to operate freely in the economy.

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