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Introductory message from Protem Editor-In-Chief of APSSM Newsletter

APSSM was founded in Hong Kong by Prof. Shirai, Honorary president of the Society in 1987. The second meeting was settled down better in Seoul, Korea where Dr. HK Choi was a Chairman, and the official emblem and flag of the Society were made by myself as a Secretary. Since then APSSM has been flourished year by year. I would like to say that the Asia-Pacific Society for Sexual Medicine(APSSM) is having a great quantum leap for facing a new millenium. The enormous endeavor contributed by Hui-Meng Tan, MD, President of APSSM, should be appreciated for enhancing the quality and extending scope of our Society.

Because the 21st century will surely share a lot of information, I am certain that the Newsletter and Web-site of the Society can play an important role. Our start of new activities reminds me of old proverb in my country “Once you get it started, you will have done almost half of it”.

The Newsletter of the Society will cover the following scopes:

1. Providing update informations concerning sexual function

  1. Introduction of forthcoming Congress and Summary of recent Congress related to the Society
  2. Survey and summary of excellent papers
  3. Introduction of newly developed theory and technique related to Sexual function
  4. Interview of key doctors from other societies
  5. Society’s consensus statement
  6. Establishment of ethical guideline for members

2. Introduction and summary of member’s opinion

3. Playing role as a venue for sharing member’s experiences

I would like all members to feel free to contact me when you have something to say to the members and the Society.

Young Chan Kim, MD
APSSM Newsletter

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