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Dear colleagues,

Just a few months ago we celebrated the success of the 7th Biennial Asia-Pacific Meeting on Impotence Meeting in Tokyo. Two hundred seventy three delegates attended the meeting from all over the Asia-Pacific region. I am sure that the next meeting in Thailand will also be a great success. However, our communication with each other is still insufficient with only such a biennial meeting. To resolve this problem, the APSSM ex-president, Dr Hui-Meng Tan and his colleagues managed to establish the APSSM Website. The APSSM Website was launched during the banquet at the last meeting in Tokyo. The demonstration was very impressive that many delegates are indeed interested in the Website. Our society now finally has a powerful tool that can help to minimize the distance between us. Please use this new communication tool as much as possible.

With best regards,

Kimoto Yasusuke,
M.D. Kyusu University, Fukuoka, Japan.